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Are you facing the threat of foreclosure?

We know this can be a confusing, distressing, even frightening experience. To make matters worse, the risk of foreclosure usually comes at a time of financial hardship. You may have recently lost your job, incurred a reduction in salary, or even suffered an accident preventing you from working.

Whatever your individual circumstances, you need the support of an expert team. You can’t count on your bank or mortgage provider for impartiality. You need experts in your corner to place your family’s well being first.

As experienced negotiators, we understand the inner-workings of the foreclosure process. This should be handled by an expert and the foreclosure itself should always be treated as the last resort. Yet, many homeowners are simply unaware of the alternatives available.

At the Foreclosure Prevention Team, we will deliver clarity, advice and guidance when it’s needed most. We will work with you to understand your priorities. We understand some homeowners are desperate to keep their home. Whether for practical, financial or sentimental reasons, this can sometimes be the best outcome.

For other homeowners, a fresh start may be a better choice. Choosing to sell can be difficult but sometimes circumstances demand it. Whether you have equity in your home or not, achieving the best possible price is key. As experts, we can help you secure the best possible terms of sale.

Our core aim is to give you back control. Choosing and negotiating the best arrangement for your unique circumstances will allow you to move forward positively with your life. We will provide the information you need to make to a smart and informed choice.

Don’t leave this to chance. Work with our experts at the Foreclosure Prevention Team and together we’ll achieve the best outcome for you.

Why choose us

We are the company that homeowners in mortgage distress turn to when they need to know their options.


Members of our team have been involved in hundreds of loss mitigation situations since the downturn in the economy. We are well versed in all aspects of the pre-foreclosure process.


Because we are well versed with all the options available to you, we have created stream line processes handling each one.


Did you know that lenders listen more to an attorney requests than directly from the homeowner? That’s the reason why we have partnered with one of the best!


Our custom software allows us to see exactly where we are in your loss mitigation process. What this means for you is no delays in getting information to you.

Don’t wait. Contact us today and get the help you need!


If you’re faced with the threat of foreclosure you may be in the dark about the range of options available. There are no less than 7 main choices open to you and 3 will actually allow you to keep your home. We’ve set out these choices below:

Load Modification

Your lender may agree to modify the terms of your mortgage to make the repayments affordable.

Filling For Bankruptcy

After filing, federal law protects you by prohibiting any collection activities by lending companies or debt collectors.

Payment of the Arrearage

The simplest option for a you to avoid foreclosure and retain your home is simply to pay the arrearage.

Secure A Traditional Sale

If you still have equity in your home the best way to settle your mortgage can be a straight forward sale.

Secure A Short Sale

For most homeowners needing to sell (and lacking equity) a short sale is the best choice available. The bank must approve the final offer amount.

Deed in Lieu

A Deed in Lieu provides a simple alternative to a short sale, where you hand over the keys to your home and walk away…with nothing.


testimonial-team (Demo)
Crystal D

We decide to shortsale our home and contacted the foreclosure prevention team. We were assigned to Kiaralee who made the entire process easy for us. We would recommend her to our friends, families and strangers. She worked hard and got the job done right, always looking out for our best interests.

Crystal D.


testimonial-team (Demo)
Lenny A

Thank you so much for helping me through the short sale process. During a very stressful time, your guidance and knowledge was so reassuring. It was such a relief to have professionals working on my behalf with my lender. Thanks again!

Lenny A.


Victor G.

“Joe is an exceptional realtor and counselor. We were thoroughly impressed with his skills to help us short sale our house and negotiate on our behalf.

He was always prompt to communicate with us, answered his phone every time we called. He made it his priority to make sure we felt comfortable with every decision made and understood the procedures.

Victor G.


As one of the leading groups of foreclosure prevention in Massachusetts, we are experts in handling all types of situations. Our main focus is providing support to homeowners likely to be at risk of foreclosure.

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